By the end of last week, I was starting to get a little bit over Aru.
It does happen from time to time.
When I start to think, I’m feeding organic pumpkin mash to a baby who seems to think he’s a connoisseur and is giving me his verdict by squirting it back out.
Or sometimes I wonder, what am I doing here. Cleaning a diaper, when I could be out in heels for a meeting with some fancy person at a fancy place talking about fancy things.

It happens.

Then this weekend.
I walked into David Jones and sat down at Bobbi Brown.
I have no brand loyalty, I just heard they do good make up for brown skin.

And I tell the lady.
Assuming she wants to sell me a truck load of product.
That I need eye liner, something to hide my “panda eyes” and lipstick of some sort.

She was lovely without being overtly.
Do you know the type?
She wasn’t all smiley or chatty.
She was just authentic and true.

She started with moisturizer.
She applied it on my face.
From forehead to chin.
Smoothly and steadily.
It was like getting your hair shampooed at the saloon.
It was probably 10 seconds and it felt like 30.

I walked out of Bobbi Brown with more than my list.
But that is not my point.

I said to Vivek tonight.
I don’t remember the last time, I gave my face 10 seconds.
I slather and run.
I run to the chai. Or to Aru’s next move. Or to check emails. Or to do the dishes.
I am constant.

I had tears in my eyes.

In this muddle of motherhood, I have been losing myself.
I owe my incredible self, 10 seconds on my face.
And a whole lot more.