It’s been a while. More on that another day.

I wanted to chronicle my lessons + notes of 2020 (easily the biggest year of my life) here.

I’m sure I’ll learn them all over again in 2021.


Magnesium helps you sleep.

You can look after your kid in a lockdown and not go bat shit crazy.

I am an introvert for real.

No point assuming people are going to judge you harshly, mostly, they give you love instead.

Sauté that leek in butter and put it on toast with cheese, salt and cracked pepper. Life changing.

Don’t paste another person’s life stories over your tomorrows.
You are not that person.

My Dad makes epic chai.

It’s always darkest before the dawn.
(I thought this originated from Florence and The Machine, but it’s actually from Thomas Fuller, a theologian). 

Sufi lyrics are everything.

Not everything I write here stands the test of time.
Hindsight is both painful and wonderful.

Do it your way. It. Always. Pays. Off.
(Even if you can’t see how it did pay off).

As I teach Aru, it’s ok to lean on each other.
As I teach Aru, I learn it for myself.

You can exit any situation you don’t want to be in.
The question hangs in the balance of what you’re ok to risk / lose.

Pic’s Peanut Butter is consistently the best.

Those that love you, will show you their love time and time again, even when you haven’t been the best version of yourself.

Meditation is addictive.

How someone treats you is a reflection of what they’re going thru.
What you take from it, is a reflection on you.

We are all hurting and healing. Tread softly. Judge less KK.

It’s ok to turn off all notifications.

Illegal hugs are the best kind of hugs.

I have felt more at peace looking at leaves and the ocean than in a temple.

Contrary to what I believed. People can change.
You just can’t force that change. The universe does that bit.

When you are expecting it the least, love can come at you
as swiftly as torrential rains in the midst of a heatwave.