Potty training Aru has been challenging.

I’ve watched V and I both become anxious and restrained in the process.

I realized part of my reasons to do it (aside from the fact that I think he’s ready), were also to avoid negative taunts when we travel to india. Which isn’t fair on Aru.

But I’ve also begun to realize (like many times before). He isn’t in my control.

I’m seeking solutions and answers and rectification. I don’t like things being inconvenient or harder than usual.

I’m so ready to challenge myself with work. But with Aru, I expect him to fit into my mould. Do as I say. Not challenge me.

And that is simply.

Not fair.

Sorry Aru. I’ll cuddle you and read you some “Partytime” tonight and heck, you can have some chocolate just for being such a little legend – even if you don’t shit in the pan.


Love your Maa.