I think.
With family, we always have our defences up.
Ever ready to defend the decisions we took.
The choices we acted upon.

With friends, we come with empathy.
We accept them and open our arms to their differences and similarities.

But what is it about family that puts us on our guard?

If my Dad challenges me on a decision I’ve made for Aru, I immediately provide a barrage of reasons as to why my decision is right.

And I was wondering.

What if.

Instead of fearing his ill opinion of me, I seek to understand his reasons.
Perhaps he loves Aru and is just trying to suggest something.
Perhaps it’s hard for him to see me make a decision he doesn’t believe in – when it comes to his grandson.

And I realised.

It may simply come down to the fact that the love is deeper.
And so the love and acceptance we seek from one another is deeper as well.
And therefore, the fight to be right, to be ok – is stronger.
Harder and more deep set.

This familial love.