Today, Neha, my little sister got a new pair of pants.
She told me they were inspired by my own recent purchase.
I’d just bought something relatively similar a few days before.

I was so chuffed.

I said to her, “Finally, I’m not the daggy mum if you’re inspired from what I’m buying!”.

She replied so simply.
Only to say that,

“The only who thinks you’re a daggy mum is you.”


It stumped me.

Ever since Aru has come along, no one else has put me into the daggy mum category, except for me.

I’ve subconsciously anti-sexy-ied my body and toned down my style.

This trip as been so good for me. It’s made me look at myself in the mirror and be okay with every crease. Every imperfection.

What Neha said brought it all home.

I’m so critical of me, I assume it’s everyone else’s opinion as well.

I need to see myself in a much, much, kinder and truer light.