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Don’t keep the damn peace.

NOTE: Featured image was taken at the Auckland Art Fair. It’s an art piece titled Burnt by Victoria McIntosh.

Keep the peace.
See it from their point of view.
Don’t create a ruckus.
Don’t laugh too loud.
Don’t attract too much attention.
How many times do we tell this to
Our daughters?
Our wives?
Our mothers?
Our daughter-in-laws?

They are such subtle admonishments.
They can almost seem kind, caring, gentle and for the benefit of the woman.

But don’t.
Just don’t.

Choose instead. To.

Let her be loud.
Let her be angry.
Let her believe in herself.
Let her have an opinion.

And for God’s sake.
Let her share it.
Let her live it.

Let her wear her wildness on her shoulders.
Let her paint the walls of your white house.
Let her say no to the boy who wants her toy.
Let her question her boss.
Let her write that letter to the editor.

Let her question you.
Because that which you fear.
Is that which you need to face.

And at the end of it all.

Realise that it should never have been your permission she sought.

But her own.



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Subtle cruelties.




  1. Tears…Love your work xo

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

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