Today Aru and V both had off days. 

Aru did a full on lie-down tantrum at Aunt Maggie’s. I was pretty shell shocked. 

In an instant, I went from being the cool mum whose kid gets to swipe the pay wave card. To the oh-holy-mother-of-god-mum – do I just let him lie on the floor and get it out of his system, but people are staring and shit is getting really loud right now I can’t think?!

And V? Well his unwashed dinner plate is still at the office table, with two open packets of chips next to it. Enough said. 

But each time. 

I thought.

Is he usually like this? 

First I thought Aru was messing with me for real. This must be a tanty technique to make me bend to his will. It wasn’t. He didn’t get an afternoon snack at daycare cause he slept over. And man. THAT KID WAS HELLA HUNGRY. 

And same for V. He’s not usually like this. 

And it helped me. Let it go. 

If just for a day. 

Then tomorrow, it’s my day 😉