Don’t push me so hard that I don’t know how to rest.

Don’t make me feel that only 100% will do, because 80% will never make me happy again. Life is full of more and less.

Dear Daddy, teach me caution, but teach me to leap as well. To take flights, to fall in love, to risk it all and trust that it can be won again.

When you let me go, reassure me that no matter what, your arms will always be open upon my return.

I know you will never love my mum in the same way as you do me. There is something quite magical about us. But never forget, the way you love my mum is what I expect to see in a man who comes to love me. So if you call me your little princess, watching you, teaches me how to recognise a prince.

Dear Daddy, don’t leave things unsaid. Be they about periods, love, sex and hormones, or be they about money, bills, health, parenthood and Netflix. Because there will come a time when for some reason or another, it will be to you that I turn. And I need to know you are ok for that conversation.

Choose to lavish me with money, but proportionately, let it be your time which I find myself graced with more than the former. For a woman is only her own when she knows how to manage her funds. Or hedge funds. And for that, she needs to know that her time is of value.

Believe in me. More than I believe in myself. Everytime. Time and time again.

Dear Daddy,

Don’t. Hold. Back. Your. Love.


Not when you haven’t earned enough.

Not when we aren’t talking.

Not when the man I love drives you crazy.

Not when you’re lost and confused.

Not when I have children and they overwhelm you.

Not when I am travelling away from home, having new experiences that are foreign to you.

Not when we are fighting.

Not when ever.

Because those are the times we both need each other the most.


They say a son’s love for his mother is intense.
Yeah, well they haven’t met daughters yet. Clearly.