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The God Thing

I don’t know about you – but often, the God topic comes with awkward vibes for me. I once had a friend who came into our home and went to the kitchen cupboards looking for our deities. How did she know they were in the kitchen cupboard? My family didn’t keep ours in the kitchen cupboard!

Then a couple of weeks ago, a family friend randomly asked what were planning on doing with religion when it came to Aru. Having a baby always changes the ball game. V is a Jain and I’m a Hindu – but we’re both non-hardcore-practising believers? As if that is a thing.

What is a thing? 
We don’t have a temple (yet) in our home.
We don’t really celebrate festivities so much, but I’m wondering if that was because we never felt large enough a family to do so. I also learnt this year (after a fight of course), that this is something important to V, but he also feels as though it’s my role to make of it. Interesting…

What do we do? 
Meditation seems to be a daily practise in our home – just about.
I adore Deepak Chopra, V likes finding British accents and waterfalls (don’t tell him I said that) – that have no warm fuzzies in them whatsoever.
We talk about letting go, trusting the universe, getting and giving good karma and we madly believe in self improvement and being present.
Whoa – what is all that jazz!
And I also tell Aru stories about how he and his best friend, Krishna (who is an Indian God) go to the zoo (where animals range free of course), visit NGV (by public transport of course) and do cool stuff in general. Krishna also has a crush on Aru’s little sister (who clearly isn’t born yet). Don’t ask, I have a new found imagination in my life when it comes to telling Aru stories. I love it. He goes to sleep. Win. Win.

What do we not practise / believe in? 
Organised religion. Basically, God with a formalised set up.
I think this became clear for the both of us. Anything which has rules and regulations, expectations and boundaries is not for us. We’re both explorers and questioners. I think in the past, when we’ve posed questions and the answers haven’t made sense, it’s put us off “God” in a way.

What are we hoping for Aru? 
I think I have a personal relationship with faith, the universe and my friend, Krishna (that sounds so awkward saying it out loud – but let me put it this way, we got given a tonne load of Gods and Krishna was a total rebel child – just like me – so but naturally, he gets me).
That state of mind has seen me through some tough times. There have been times when I haven’t really been conscious of the “universe” concept. Or the “let it go” concept. Or the “trust it will all work out” concept.
Those times have easily been the toughest times of my life.
And guys, I gave birth. (In case you weren’t aware. Ha. Ha. Tee. Hee.)
For me, I just want Aru to know that there is something a lot bigger than all this. And that something / someone out there has a very capable shoulder he can always lean on. If I die. Or I become a total dork of a mum.
There is an energy beyond all this and he will be loved and looked after and a-ok.

I guess that is my religion.
I also didn’t write this post for any specific reason. Sometimes V and I talk about things and he’ll say, “there is a blog post there”. And this time, I agreed.



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  1. You and me alike. I have been having the religion talk A LOT lately. Out of nowhere! 🙂

    • karishma

      I think it’s a good one to have – healthy and interesting every time!

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