I was having a session with Kayleene on what I felt were “failures” in my past. Of course, failures are never failures. Just learnings. 

But somedays I look back and I wish I’d done things differently. 

For me, something that grated me a lot – was retrenching past staff. 

Often, our business would need the occasional slim down. The industry moved quickly and I always needed to act fast, because keeping someone on board for too long would be asking for trouble. This never made me feel any better. 

I felt like. 

I owed these designers a permanent job. 

Forever and ever. 

Even if. 

At some point, they needed to leave to grow further. 

They needed to leave to refine their way of seeing things. 

They needed to leave to grow their wings. 

And as we spoke, I realised this. 

Had I held on to them, fate would have made the decision for me sooner or later. We may have had to close down. 

Time does it’s thing. 

And what feels bad, because it means a fork in the road, or a new challenge. 

Doesn’t mean it’s actually bad. 

It might actually be super good. 

And holding it off, might actually be super bad.