Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt so much support for kholo.

I don’t know where all the positive vibes are coming from.

And I don’t dare question them!

But it has been incredible.

And if I look in a blur, it’s women who had helped.

But when I crystallise the moments – there were men everywhere.

My uncle who offered to make patterns for me and give me his contacts in sourcing.

Carmelo, the master artist who has been the truest soul one could hope to work with.

My brother-in-law who has patiently listened to all my soul searching, from the writing, to the consulting, all things doing a u-turn or a steady on of some sort. And always encouraging me to keep on keeping on with so much faith.

V, who has buried his head in confusion as he tries to figure out where he falls in all of this, but stands by my side through all of it. Even as he tries to process his own fears and what this might mean for our parenting combination and my nature of taking the bull by its horns.


And a long time ago, there was a moment. When I walked into my Dad’s business partners office and he said to me, “What you’re doing is excellent.” I couldn’t understand what he meant. How was going on exchange excellent? But he thought so. And every little achievement I made, whether it was big or small, he’d always reinforce me. He believed in me. And therefore, of course, I believed in me.


I’m leaning on this womanhood game cause it is incredibly strong, beautiful and deep. But I’m also going to up my chances of goodness and let the men in at the door. After all, they’ve been waiting for me to notice for quite some time 🙂