So I’m unravelling my “kholo” journey.

And for some reason, I just couldn’t get my digital print design. I followed up. Made calls. Stalked Instagram. Couldn’t.

And when I finally got access, the artist seemed resistant.

I wanted to force. Push. Get frustrated.

Then I whinged to V.

He said.

You need to trust that maybe something is coming, that is more right for you.

And so that night.

I let it rest.

I let it slide.

I let go.

And the next morning.

Carmelo Blandino was in my inbox.

And it was glorious.




PS – I know sometimes I can be so cryptic, I’ll write a longer blog post about this soon. But Carmelo and I will be collaborating on some womens wear!
His G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S florals will be a digital print for a tiny range I’m making.
I’ve categorised this under Entrepreneurship > Kholo. After a lot of contemplation, I’ve finally finalised “kholo”. Which is something Aru says all the time. So basic. The Gujarati word for:


But really. It’s been a journey for me to “become open”. To unravel. To unlearn. And to be open to what comes. Hence. Kholo.

If you’re curious to see where this leads me (so AM I! Terrifed and curious) >
and (because I’m hoping to be able to sell sairs + more in India, if they’ll have me :)).