(NOTE: Sorry, this isn’t in order – I often draft my posts and then schedule them later after 2-3 weeks. You’ll find that I’ve decided on a name!)

Starting this “dress / blouse” business is taking so many leaps of courage.

I still don’t know what to call it – I’m toying with the idea of keeping it as “womanhood”.

I feel like it’s a lot about my transitional journey.

From doing something from a place of business, vs. a place of art and self love and exploration.

It’s also a journey for me facing my own fears.

What if I don’t make it?

What if no one buys them?

What if there are no orders?

I can’t look so far ahead.

I’ve just got today I need to deal with.


I got an email from Carmelo Blandino.

I had one of his florals on my inspiration board.

And on a whim of some reckless form of courage, I emailed him.

I has “representatives” so I never expected him to reply.

I LOVE all of his work.

This simply does not happen.

But he emailed me back.

And he told me to uncross my fingers because this thing is on.

He is open to collaboration.

And I had a 5 minute glory dance.

(In hind sight, I need to get Aru onto this glory dance thing).

But after that 5 minutes.

The fear slowly started kicking in.

OMG. WTF have I done?

What if I can’t sell?

What if it costs a bajillion?

What if?

What if?

What if?

And I can’t let that lead.

I’m trying every day, every little battle.

Not to let the “What if’s” lead.

Help me.