I guess in some ways, we all have ghosts from the past.

As we get older.

Things we did.

Things we wonder about.

And they pile up.

Sometimes, so high, we forget, they were buried there.

A long time ago.


Then one morning, you wake up.

With a memory.

Maybe it came from the sound track in the background.

Maybe it came from a thought.

A familiar moment.


There was a girl.

She used to work for me.

She once said, “I’ve never met a boss who sings along to the music”.

That made me smile.

There came a time when we had to retrench her.

And her friend too.

It was cutting.

For all of us.

But I’ll always wonder.

If I did them right.

They were young, flowers blooming in the wild and I’ll always feel,

I took away some part of their innocence, even if I, myself was innocent at the time.