So sorry for going MIA.
This Kholo thing has had me swept under.
Like deep.
Super deep.

I’ve forgotten how hard it was to set up a business, the domain name, the e-commerce store, the pricing, the tags, the packaging, the shipping, it feels like it never ends.

It’s a lot like having a baby and I’m at month 8.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it, but at times I’ve felt.


And I’m wondering if Aru got the short end of the stick with my patience last night.

It’s so easy to feel so deep, you comprise everything around you.
Your yoga.
Your meals.
Your loves.

Because this thing drives you.
It needs you.
And you feel like.
You need to deliver.

But today.
Today I was extraordinary.

I walked out of the office at 2:30pm and thought.
That’s it.

Today, I’m taking time out.

And it has been.

Everything that is meant to happen, will happen and I trust that.