NOTE: I wrote this draft a month or so ago. So the reference isn’t to any recent delays 🙂


So the last three posts have gone out without a featured image. And it is killing me inside! 
I’m realising that this clothing label journey is keeping me on my toes. 

Somedays it feels like I don’t have a moment in the day to catch up on the dishes. 

And other days (like yesterday), I just want to have a couple of hours to myself and Netflix. 
So aside from keeping the house in order, catching up on bills, adoring my son or telling him off, taking out time for baby making and all. The writing hasn’t been happening as much as I’d like. 
So I’ve had a think about it – and I don’t want it to stop. One day when Aru grows up, or when I’ve grown a gorgeous label and I wear a sari every day and work with artisans who love what they do, this will be the chronically of it all. 
So egotistical right?! Can’t help myself 🙂 Plus it keeps me accountable and healed. 
But instead of posting daily, I might post every 2nd or 3rd day. 
I hope you don’t mind. I hope you don’t turn away. 

It’s okay if you do – I totally understand. 
But if you’re here. 

And if you’re still listening. 
I hope you come along with me.