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Brave One

Hey Brave One

The only reason you fear is because you under estimate your awesome.
Stay brave.
Stay travelling.
Always unravelling.

The world and more so, it’s people, have so much to say to you.
So much for you to learn from.

When you fear tomorrow

Your life is in something bigger, much, much bigger than your own palms.
In your hands, in your control, it is not.
So rest knowing that you’re more than taken care of. You always have been.

Rest sweet my brave,


Travelling With A Toddler In Cuba

Travelling with a Toddler in Cuba

Are you thinking of Travelling with a Toddler in Cuba? These are the highlights, the advice I didn’t get from elsewhere and wish I knew prior. Overall, I’d highly recommend it, they’re super child friendly and it’s relatively easy.

The list for travelling with a toddler in Cuba

Any other Q’s, feel free to pop a comment below and I’ll reply when I can.

1.      Mosquito repellant – especially if you’re heading beach side.
2.      I thought it would rain so I brought gum boots and a waterproof jacket. It didn’t rain. Even once.
3.      Room service takes ages, bring snacks and a portable water boiler (if one exists) for formula. I don’t know why they don’t have kettles here.
4.      There are fewer vehicles here and they travel slower. We’ve managed a-ok without a car seat.
5.      Upon landing (in Havana), there is a child friendly & disabled persons line at customs, it’ll be worth taking.
6.      The streets aren’t all cobble, so you can take a stroller or a pram.
7.      I’ve brought enough diapers and formula to last us (fingers crossed), would be a bit of a hunt to buy them here.
8.      Aru is also on some herbal medicine to protect him from juardia. You can get it from ice, washed lettuce and of course, the swimming pool. Herbario in Chapel Street (Prahran, Melbourne, Australia) is where I get mine from.
9.      Whilst five star resorts promise air conditioning, it can fail from time to time. So a shorts-and-tee pyjama set might work.
10.     If you like swanky, the AirBnb places in Miramar and Vedado, Havana are pretty awesome. The suburbs are for the creme de la creme of Havana and it means spacious rooms and in Miramar, ensuite after ensuite.

We’ve always found a home / apartment easier than hotel rooms. Everyone gets to hang out in a lounge area while Aru sleeps. Plus you can get your laundry done much cheaper.

11.     There are a lot of carbs and sugar in the diet. If your toddler has digestion concerns, try fruit first and carry something for fibre (we boil ajuwain seeds in water, strain and add a little bit of sugar, does the trick if we keep him drinking it regularly).
12.     If you like your food spicy, carry chilli flakes!
13.     Google Translate, for those of us who don’t speak Spanish, this is gold. Have it downloaded to your phone, you can use it without wifi.

Travelling with a toddler in Cuba is a memory I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Adios 🙂


You & I and The Cultures We’re From

I come from a culture where you don’t take what isn’t yours. I come from a culture where you look after your parents. 

I come from a culture where you secure the generations to come after you. 

I come from a culture where you always serve tea to your guests. 

I come from a culture where your house is a home to friends and family alike. 

I come from a culture where tolerance is the norm. 

I come from a culture that doesn’t believe it is the best of all cultures. It believes it is one way and there are many others. 

I come from a culture where I give my neighbour a stir fry when she gives me capsicums. 

I come from a culture where I say my good words with kindness, please and thank you. 

I come from a culture where you never forget the good people who helped you up. 

From mentors to grandparents, bosses to friends, everyone who did you a good turn. 

I come from a culture where you never show up empty handed. 

I come from a culture goodness always begets goodness. 
I probably come from your culture. 

And you from mine. 


A Letter for A Little Sister 

Our deepest emotions are those we don’t express. 
The ones we run, hide and escape from. 
I hide from you. 

From you going. 

From this big trip of yours. 
I don’t want to pause and think about what it means. 

You not being around. 

Not flying in every month. 

Not nagging me on FaceTime. 

Not sharing a wardrobe. 

Not taking Aru to the child-friendly places like zoos and aquariums that I really abhor. 
I don’t want to pause and think about what it means. 

You backpacking, without me to guide you. 

You exploring a beautiful monument without us to share it with you. 

You capturing memory after memory and us not within them. 

You, the cuddliest one of us all, not having a friend around for a cuddle. 
It’s all too scary, so even now, I hold the tears. Keep them at the brim. Because before you can blink, I’m capable of changing the string of my thought. 
I can’t believe how significantly mature you’ll become. 

Perhaps though, you’ll be bossier than ever. 

Or perhaps, you’ll have new found respect for your hippie, aura-believing sister. 

Maybe relationships will be a new mystery to you to unfold. 

Or you might find new families in new lands. 
Imagine the places you’ll go. 

But more so. 
Imagine the new woman you’ll become. 
My love and more, more, more, more, 

No tears, because I choose no tears, 

Courage, faith, air points and cash, because I choose, to be with, 

Rather than without, 


Breaking up with an ex

Today someone asked me what it felt like to let go of a business.  I laughed and I said, “It felt like breaking up with a boyfriend”.  That fresh feeling.  Hope. Freedom. Renewed excitement for life.  All of the above.  Sometimes when something isn’t right for you, you fear the consequences of letting go.  For me, it was my name, my connections, how each and every person who had ever touched upon my brand, would feel.  That was scary shit.  But letting go.  Best feeling ever.  Because at the end of it all, you need to be where your heart is happy.  So my sweetheart, is anything holding you back?  Are you stuck in a job you want to leave?  Stuck in a relationship you know you need to let go?  Held hostage in a city you need to leave, but their doughnuts are too good?  Or perhaps you’re in limbo. Fearing the jump.  Figure out what your fear is and ask yourself — what if?  What if?  What if letting go feels incredible and pans out much, much, much better than I anticipated?  Cause it just might.  Xx K

Where do you spend your money?

We haven’t had a TV since 2008. 

We threw out the microwave soon after that. 

I own two pairs of jeans and one pair of boots. 

I have 1 big bag, one handbag, one smaller purse and one bag my Dad describes as jazzy. 

I have shampoo, no conditioner. 

I have many jackets, many dangling earrings and probably about 4 rings. 

We purchase organic groceries weekly.

Hardly any tinned stuff. 

On average we have about 10 exotic sauces between the fridge and the pantry. 

We go out for a nice dinner once a week (usually $70 or less for the two of us). 

We have a nanny, who lives with us. 

Neither of us drink (much). 

We travel a bucket load, some of which is funded by my parents, when I go to see them with Aru. 

Aru’s toys fit into two medium boxes. 

V can count his shirts on two hands. 
Our general rule of thumb is “meet the need”. 

And for me, a tiny bit more. 
But there is one thing we both have firmly agreed on. 

We spend money on other people’s time. 

Be it cleaning. Nannying. Counselling. Coding. Financing. Light fitting. 

We do. 
Because that saves us time and more importantly, 

Clears up our headspace. 
So we miss out on the fine dining,

We do AirBnb. 

We Uber, never taxi. 

We find free, cheaper, better when possible. 
But we pay for people’s brains to help us where our brains aren’t enough. 

This makes for less consumption. Better for the environment. Shares the wealth around. 

And I believe, it’s given us time for us, and made us smarter, if not a little degree 😉
It might sound arrogant, and my darling little sister who keeps us both on track, may put a sneaky comment here. 

But I truly believe. 

It might work for you too. 

Because as much as our forefathers could do everything. Just about. 

We simply can’t. 


Those Meetings

I wrote this the day I went to one of my last corporate, formal meetings as a Creative Director of Kish+Co, ever. 

I thought, I might wear my metallic sneakers. 

I opted for no coat. 

Pinky-red lips. 

I opted for some of my stickler rules, to show up on time as much as I can. 

With an electrical device. Because it makes me feel savvy. 

I opted for a pearl and diamond ring with my heavy stone cluster ring. 

One says rich and very lady like (neither of which I feel I am). 

The other says artist and strong woman (both of which I am).

And when I reached Level 32, some of that boisterous confidence had left me. 

You see the view was breathtaking. 

The 32 floors of suits and men were unnerving. 

And when the client came, he was “that” kind. 

The one in a suit. 

About a decade older than me. 

And I unravelled just a little. 

What if I’m not old enough? 

Not smart looking enough? 

Not formal enough? 

I don’t belong here. 

I don’t wear nude lipstick or heels. 
And then for the FIRST TIME EVER. 

I told myself to see it from his perspective. 

Perhaps this new generation (and I’m not that new by any means, but to him, possibly), had him on edge. 

He had three women he was managing and they had unique ideas of their own. 

Let alone me, the crazy-ring-lady. 

His ball game was new. 

The bosses were saying “more impact”, big “change”. 

Something fresh, something new. 

Something bold. 
And because of all the years past, 

All the bosses past, 

All the trampling he’d taken, 

He wasn’t able to really push me for that. 

I could see it. 
I said the words illustration and photography and bold and fearless and explorative and conceptual and his eyes never lit up. 

He never once got excited. 

Living the same, day in and day out. 

For the safety, for the security. 

We could blame our lives on safety and security.

The dissatisfaction of it.
Oh, all the places we could go. 

If only you really, truly wanted to travel. 

We could explore. 

You’ll find me

Over the rainbow 

Hanging with the crazies

Yelling, dancing, beating

You’ll find me making a splash

Wearing gold and yellow and neon

You’ll find me writing away 

Till the early morning hours

Catching them flights to wonderlands

You’ll find me tasting the new 

Teasing the tongue

You’ll find me lashing out my fights

Words that weren’t meant to be spoken out loud, 

Asking my questions

I’m fighting every sign of work, home and the boring as we know it

I was never known as a wifey and I guess in someways, I’ll never be recognised as a mum

I don’t fit into that box and sweetie, neither do you

Nor do my crew

My little boy will be doing yoga in the woods

My man will be meditating in an ashram

And me, I’ll be in the city with headphones on my ears, colour on my skin.

So hey 

We don’t need this world 

The way it hurts 

The rules it makes 

We’re off 

To where the wild things are. 

Come with.



Till you start saying 


You’ll never make enough room for all the 


That wants to come your way.

The Perfect Holiday 

We’re just about to wrap up a 1.5 week family vacation in Fiji and I think I’ve found the answer. 

I’ve found what truly works for me. 

To be happy, to stay happy. 

Amongst family. 
1. One on one time with everyone. 

2. One on one time with V, which I try and fit in everyday. And pushing my agenda for even 10 minutes if he’s a bit resistant.

3. One on one time with me. Be it work, a consult or writing. I need time to pause and reflect. Just about every day if not, every other day. 

And Aru? Of course, he’s in moments, I make sure we connect solo every day, but then I let his Masi’s take over.
It’s really helped and I think I’ll try it for every vacation here on in 🙂 

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