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Something to Share // Drug Addiction

I’ve always had a concern for Aru growing up around drugs. Somehow, that boat was missed by me, even though I did live away from home and had the opportunity to experiment, I was simply never fascinated enough by it. So in a way, the unknown feels like even more of a threat. 

However. Today I saw this. 

Understanding Drug Addiction
And since. I’ve realised there is so much more to it. And I am so much more ok with the future. 




Sometimes we’re taught to see good in all people. 
Do you remember? 

When you were little? 

Phrases like. 
Give him the benefit of the doubt.

Be more understanding, more forgiving. 

Always seek to see the best in people. 

Everybody is coming from good intent.
And so. 

When we see the shades of darkness, 

We tell ourselves, it isn’t so. 
Till the lights go out. 

And we realise. 

It is so. 


Feeling Bad

Oh. The things we do. 
Because we feel bad. 

The guilt. 
For earning more. 

For owning more. 

For being loved more. 

For feeling more. 
Why me? 

Why not her? 
In feeling so bad, we compromise our own happiness. 

Sabotage our own delights. 
Because we don’t deserve them if she can’t have them. 

So let us not shine. 
For we feel so bad. 
When you put it like that. 

You really realise, what a mockery you make of all the delights the universe has given to you. 
So I choose. 


To shine. 



Sometimes. When you listen. 

To the words in between the words. 

You hear the underlying truth that people are really meaning to say. 

Instead of the lies they’re trying to feed you. 


Happiness & Satisfaction

Are the outcome of being present.
If you are in pursuit of them, you will forever be in pursuit of them.
Neither sensation will ever really stay with you for long enough.



I think, we often feel compromise is a solution.  And it often is.  But so often, it’s replaced with silence, conformity and a lack of expression.  Please don’t forget, the compromise comes after we express our needs and our wants.  Not before.  Not assumed. Xx K

Most of the time

People simply don’t know any better. 

I have come to believe. 

You are only ever as blessed as you believe you are. 




Till you start saying 


You’ll never make enough room for all the 


That wants to come your way.

Isn’t it funny

That you can see the gaps when you’re looking in from the outside. 

But when you’re on the inside, you can’t see jack.

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