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Waiting for Rumi

So we’ve been trying for a second baby for a long time.
Before we were ready.
Mind you, I don’t think you’re ever ready.

But it is. Anguish.
I’m grateful that I don’t feel guilt or too much envy.
I don’t even really aim for “right time of month sex”.

More like, “Okay, let’s do this!”.

But I feel.

And I can only imagine how bone crushingly hard, how mind numbingly wretched it would feel.

If you felt all the feels.

And honey, I’m with you.
Every pregnancy test, every bloody period, every post-sex-mindframe, I’m with you.

And I always remind myself.

When the universe feels it’s the right time, the right moment, the right direction for me. It will be as it is to be.

And so.
I accept.
Even if it is just for now.
Because hope.
Never leaves you.
Does it?



Where to start. Notes on pregnancy.

My dear pregnant friend.
You said “I don’t know where to start”.
And it got me thinking.

I was about to write down a post, pen a list, draft up a calendar.
But then my little boy, that young man Aru came running into the room.
He’s opened up my box of washi tape, I predict a tidy up in the near future.
He’s latched onto daddy’s laptop wire, crying because he can’t disconnect it.

His little eyes are looking at me,
oh, pause, I’ve now got to open the laptop so he can type incomprehensible sentences,
oh pause, gotta go back because he closed the lid and he’s picking up the 2 kilo thing to get me to open it.

So in the writing of this intensely incredible blog post (I know right!),
I know you can start in one place.

Start with a breath.
Start with you.
Start with enjoying the solitude you have.
Start with enjoying the uninterrupted sleep.
And if you are interrupted, it is your right, to have a go at the person who wakes you up.

Start with you.
And don’t worry, because there is so much more to come (did I tell you this thing is worth subscribing to, especially for you?).

But for now, start with you.
Your rest, your sleep, your meals, all you.



Excuse me while I open up a laptop for the fourth time. ūüôā


All the stuff you need. First 0-6 months of Baby Needs.

Before we had Aru, I had began the search for baby needs. Cots and prams were the bare basics. It felt really, really overwhelming.
Every¬†family and baby will have a different equation. But these are the things we really needed and truly used vs. the things we are glad we didn’t buy, or regret buying!

This doesn’t cover every single thing – you can go to Pinterest for that! It covers more of the debatable things you might be tossing up on.

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