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It’s ok

It’s ok to go slow.

It’s ok to show up late.

It’s ok to feel everything.

It’s ok to not know where it’s all going.

It’s ok to be late for after school pick-up.

It’s ok to send out deliveries a day late.

It’s ok to not be on top of your insta-game.

It’s ok to online shop when you shouldn’t.

It’s ok to feel jealous and not understand why.

It’s ok to eat that dairy milk when you wish it had been 80% dark instead.

It’s ok to pause.

It’s actually good.

So for all my A-types.

Just know, you have my blessings for every time you fuck shit up.

With love.



In our darkest hours

We have nothing to give.
Hurting and hurt.

We just need each other to take from.
But what is there to take, when you are so empty.
So so empty.

And so we try.
To fill the cup again.


Through the darkness of the night.

Keys Out

I wish.
The thoughts in my head.
Would just hit a dead end.
Switch into park.
And stop.

Engines off.


The Problem With Religion & Spirituality

I’m yet to find a spiritual person who doesn’t talk as if they have achieved a height in their life that is higher than yours.

One who doesn’t speak of their wellness.

Their incredible depths.

As if.

You, the listener, really need to be a part of it all for your life to be better than it is right now.

And I think that’s the problem with it.

Just because you, the spritiual / religious person, think you know more, doesn’t mean you are more.

Everyone is just as amazing, blessed and incredible as everyone.



How To Dream

If you are to dream, Don’t do it cautiously. 

Or hesitantly. 

Or steadily even. 
Dream irrationally. 



And with abandon. 
Because that my friend, 

Is how one ought to dream. 


You could be staying at RAAS and still be unhappy. Still wishing, seeking for perfection. 

You could have marble floors and crisp white towels. 

And still be unhappy. 

You could have a loving man at your side and a serve of chilli paneer, paneer tikka and spring rolls at your table and still unhappy. 

You could be loved by all you love. 

And still be unhappy. 

You could have a son happily tucked into bed, with eyes shut and lashes framing them like a crescent moon. 

And still be unhappy. 
And I realise. 

All over again. 
That it is simply because. 
You are ungrateful. 



I think we all put people on pedestals. 










But I think the closer to ground they are in our minds, the better it is. 

Everyone of us is flawed. 

We all have aspects which can be vindictive, cruel, manipulative, hurtful, greedy and harsh. 

EVERYONE of us. 

And it’s ok. 

Sometimes we act on them, sometimes we don’t. 
But its imperative we recognise that other people we love or admire or adore, also have these traits. 
And that is ok. 


To show vulnerability

Is a terrifying feeling.

To give into a friendship, without really having charted the territory prior, is such risky business.

To under perform, or not live up to a husbands belief value set and fear his low opinion of you. His rejection of you.

To go to a party and stare at a wall, because you can’t really make yourself into that conversation. Feels so challenging.

To not show up for your child, to say, I love you, but I’m going to be late today. Or I love you, but I don’t have it in me to get out of bed today. To not be bothered feeding them, because you just can’t bear the drama. Feels so so so bad.

To listen to pop music and then dull it down, reject yourself in a joke, LIKE YOU CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LIKE IT, because you perceive it as uncool.

To tell a friend you care about, that you simply don’t like parties and don’t want to show up to hers. Feels like you are going to hurt them so much, but its either that or it’s lying about your child being sick on the night when she really expected you to show up.

To wear black in the morning, because you don’t want anyone to look at you. You don’t want anyone to notice you, because you feel your fat levels are too much or your skin isn’t radiant enough. If you attract too much attention, they’ll say, why is she trying so hard?

To not be okay with parts of you.

And push them into a corner.

Because your other bits shine better.

Is holding back all of you.

Because your darkness, your curves, your skinny-ness, your pimples, your unwillingness, your inabilities, your bluntness, your crudeness and your lack of perfection.

Your each and every imperfection.

Is what gives you perfect.

Makes you complete.

Owning every vulnerable part of you is so fucking hard.

I kid you not.

I’ve been asking myself for days.

What do I fear?

What am I scared of?

Why am I doing this when I WANT to do that?

Why am I being this when I WANT to be that?

It is so hard.

But owning it.

Is the best place to start.




For the first time in over 10 years, I sat down to make a garland.

And curiously enough, I remembered the times I’d make a garland with my grandma.

We had to be showered and fresh.

The bowl we collected the flowers in had to be washed, as did the surface we were going to make the garlands on.

There were always roses, marigolds and jasmines in our garden.

We’d measure roughly, sit down and start.

It would probably have been a 30 minute process.

But it was.


And looking back, I know I went through the motions.

I’d rather be garland making than washing the dishes.

I probably never really smelled the scent.

Never paused to be with the leaves.

Never enjoyed the silence and solitude of it all.

It was a form of meditation.

I just didn’t know it.

And I know now, why we make garlands.

Perhaps simply for that 30 minute respite in the day.

A thing we did for the Gods, serving us better in it’s own way.




NOTE: Featured image is from the Viktor & Rolf exhibition at NGV.


Today I was at a cafe and I put my phone away and I thought and I thought. 

It always feels like you’re being stared at when you go alone to a cafe. 

But it always opens a new facet in my mind. 

So I’ve been starting my haute/embroidery journey. And for a few reasons, I haven’t shared it here. 

Reasons being; 

  1. What if I totally FUCK it up? (Sorry M & P – but seriously!). I think some part of me knows I won’t. I just know it deep inside, but that doesn’t stop the fears from surfacing. 
  2. What if you don’t want to read about it? This blog hasn’t always been about a business journey. Rarely if anything. So I don’t want you to leave. But I totally understand if you need to. I can change your subscription settings to omit and business posts if you like 🙂 That I can do! 
  3. I don’t know where I’m going. It’s not like loading up a dishwasher. I have no idea of how this is going to unravel. I’m just diving in. As I usually do. Hoping for nothing but the best. 

So. I wanted to let you know. If it’s okay with you. I’d love to share this journey with you. More coming soon! This is enough reading from me to you for one day 🙂

So excited. Tell me you are too. For me my friend 🙂 



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