There is a famous Gandhi quote which goes something like this:”No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent.” Please excuse the paraphrasing, I couldn’t find the official one anywhere. 

Nevertheless, I truly believe it. 

If you start to ask yourself, where does my unhappiness stem from and what can I do to change it, you might find yourself a lot happier, a lot sooner. 
Often, we fear making other people around us unhappy. So we sacrifice our own happiness. 
Not sure how this relates to you? 
Think about it. 
Is a member of staff irritating you? 

Perhaps your mother-in-law? 

Or, perhaps your daughter-in-law?

Or perhaps your bestie is annoying you.

Maybe it’s your man who isn’t doing things quite right. 

Or maybe your boss. 

Or that colleague you have to sit beside. 
Think about your situation and what you can do. 

Don’t be afraid to upset that person. 
Think of how you can tactfully and strategically make a change that will benefit them and you at the same time. 
When you’re getting frustrated or angry, it means something has to change. For the better. 
So stop bending over. Stand a little straighter and make the change. 

Don’t wait for someone else to take control. 
It’s your happiness. 

And that is your responsibility. 

And no one else’s.