Over the rainbow 

Hanging with the crazies

Yelling, dancing, beating

You’ll find me making a splash

Wearing gold and yellow and neon

You’ll find me writing away 

Till the early morning hours

Catching them flights to wonderlands

You’ll find me tasting the new 

Teasing the tongue

You’ll find me lashing out my fights

Words that weren’t meant to be spoken out loud, 

Asking my questions

I’m fighting every sign of work, home and the boring as we know it

I was never known as a wifey and I guess in someways, I’ll never be recognised as a mum

I don’t fit into that box and sweetie, neither do you

Nor do my crew

My little boy will be doing yoga in the woods

My man will be meditating in an ashram

And me, I’ll be in the city with headphones on my ears, colour on my skin.

So hey 

We don’t need this world 

The way it hurts 

The rules it makes 

We’re off 

To where the wild things are. 

Come with.