This might sound extremely sexist. 

But there are a lot of women who are financially managed by their husbands and their parents. 

I should know, I was one of them. 

I didn’t want to look at the books. Never checked the credit card balance. Signed documents and never read them.It was all too hard. Not my core area of interest. 

I wanted a lot. Holidays, clothes, jewels, sauces, erotica and all forms of exotica. 

My list just didn’t end. 

And it was so unsatisfying. 

Want. Want. Want. 
I’m not that woman anymore. 
With on going counselling, we’ve come a long way. 

Some part of the magic is this…
When a woman wants things, tell her yes. Yes with consequence.

Tell her, yes. You earn and it’s yours. 

Tell her, yes. This can happen and there is a budget to make it happen. Let’s work within it. 

Tell her, yes. You carry it home and it’s yours. 

Tell her, yes. You find the space for it and manage it and it’s yours. 

Tell her, yes. Look at the bank account and tell us how we can fit it in.

Tell her, yes. 

Because when you say “no”, the list will never end. 

With every “no”, there is more she wants. 

You are creating in her a subconscious need that will never be filled unless you replace the “no’s” with “yes'” and enable her to make her own decisions. And she will make mistakes. Like the jewels she never wears or the shoes that are too high. But every time she looks at those mistakes, she’ll learn. 

And in the learning, she’ll find her balance.