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Where do you spend your money?

We haven’t had a TV since 2008. 

We threw out the microwave soon after that. 

I own two pairs of jeans and one pair of boots. 

I have 1 big bag, one handbag, one smaller purse and one bag my Dad describes as jazzy. 

I have shampoo, no conditioner. 

I have many jackets, many dangling earrings and probably about 4 rings. 

We purchase organic groceries weekly.

Hardly any tinned stuff. 

On average we have about 10 exotic sauces between the fridge and the pantry. 

We go out for a nice dinner once a week (usually $70 or less for the two of us). 

We have a nanny, who lives with us. 

Neither of us drink (much). 

We travel a bucket load, some of which is funded by my parents, when I go to see them with Aru. 

Aru’s toys fit into two medium boxes. 

V can count his shirts on two hands. 
Our general rule of thumb is “meet the need”. 

And for me, a tiny bit more. 
But there is one thing we both have firmly agreed on. 

We spend money on other people’s time. 

Be it cleaning. Nannying. Counselling. Coding. Financing. Light fitting. 

We do. 
Because that saves us time and more importantly, 

Clears up our headspace. 
So we miss out on the fine dining,

We do AirBnb. 

We Uber, never taxi. 

We find free, cheaper, better when possible. 
But we pay for people’s brains to help us where our brains aren’t enough. 

This makes for less consumption. Better for the environment. Shares the wealth around. 

And I believe, it’s given us time for us, and made us smarter, if not a little degree πŸ˜‰
It might sound arrogant, and my darling little sister who keeps us both on track, may put a sneaky comment here. 

But I truly believe. 

It might work for you too. 

Because as much as our forefathers could do everything. Just about. 

We simply can’t. 


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  1. Wow! You give me goals. No beauty products (serums, sun screen, and such?) – Just curious!

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    • karishma

      Yep. I have one mascara and one 2 lipsticks, which I alternate depending on my mood.

      I don’t use any serums or foundation or concealer (I feel like, given the ingredient list on the back, it’s likely to be worse for my skin in the long run).

      Sunscreens – no, I fear backlash! When I’m with my sisters, they insist on me wearing it, and sometimes I do, just to give in. But I’d rather stay in the shade.
      Same thing – ingredient list. So many chemicals, it’s insane.

      I’ve got a toddler one for Aru which is super natural, plus he hates hats and won’t stay in the shade.

      I had a rash during the last few months of my pregnancy with Aru and it has changed me forever. Neither my obstetrician NOR my GP could solve it. Their medication just made it worse. (Don’t get me started on why I won’t use Elevit for my next pregnancy!) I woke up at night in tears with the pain and irritation of it. Then I tried an Ayurvedic guy and he gave me something fully natural and told me not to use soap. Since that day, I stopped using soap – and my skin and my smells are perfectly fine πŸ˜‰ So long as I use a natural deodorant.

      I use Vegesorb – which is for me is all purpose moisturiser. V and Aru use it as well. Sounds so naff, but one bottle for all of us πŸ™‚

      I think things like face lotion, hand cream, foot creams etc are all modern day “needs” developed by a consumer driven economy….

      Oh God – sounds like a spiel doesn’t it! I just think we’re told we need to have all of these things to be complete and feel complete. And I’m not a hippy by any stretch of the imagination, I love my luxe life, but I don’t agree with everything I guess πŸ™‚

      Sorry for the overload, I didn’t realise I had such strong feelings about this till I started this response πŸ™‚


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