Is it an expectation that a mother’s life goes on hold till her children are grown? 

Is it an expectation that a mother cannot be without her child, especially when in pursuit of frivolous joys? 

Is it an expectation that a mother can’t get a job because she may call in sick for her child? 


I think. 

A woman’s life on hold is a risk to us all. 

It sets a foundation for depression, lack of identity, low self esteem and a huge loss to society. 

I think. 

A woman’s joys are as necessary as we deem needs such as water and air. 

An unfulfilled woman does so much damage, she’s capable of tearing apart her home and her loves.


Lay off. 

And don’t for a second tell me my child’s happiness is worth more than mine. 

Because it’s not. 

In fact. 

My happiness becomes him. 

My happiness radiates within him. 

It takes a village to raise a child and if you’re not ready to be a part of the village, don’t come burning the village I’ve set up.