Recently I stumbled upon Toby Morris’ work over at Wireless. This piece in particular really stumped me.

Here I am thinking, “oh, I’m going to Europe soon, it’ll be great for the Instagram feed”. And then I started thinking about how the number of likes on a post affect me.

Then I started thinking about how we measure things by numbers.

Success? Well – that has to be a profit right?

My husband always came last in class. His mum was so stressed out, she would try and try again to tutor him. One year he failed.

If we judged him at this point, we’d expect the rest of his life to look just as bleak.

Surprise, surprise. He ended up 3rd in the state when we sat his board exams.

So. My theory is.

By measuring results with society provided measuring sticks – are we making judgements a little too fast?

And in that case, do we start to see ourselves in the light of those judgements.

Rather than seeing ourselves for whom we really are? Believing in ourselves innately rather than relying on external validation and thinking that is the true depiction of us.