What if we stopped filling each minute with productivity and filled some with nothingness. 

What if we stopped replying to all our emails and let one be for tomorrow. 

What if the dishes were undone and we had sex instead?

What if we cancelled that meeting and took a drive to the beach? 

What if we ignored the calls that came between 12 and 1 and instead of sending Facebook and Whatsapp messages we found a new park instead? 

What if we asked the lady at the laundrette about where she comes from and how many children she has before we dash off?

What if we risked unemployment and put our lives on hold while we figured things out for a bit?

What if we let the kids do dinner and ate ketchup on toast with cheese and herbal teas? 
What if we just said no to the things we never wanted. The girlfriend, the job, the client, the baby, the emails, the commitments. Even if it was just for a day. Just to try. A little bit of magic, like when we were young.

What if we put life on hold to enjoy it instead?

You might just find, you’d maximise your performance and not just in the bed.