Today V and I were at COS and we were talking to the store assistant. 

She told us that COS is owned by H&M. It was the grandson’s idea to develop the brand. 

They also own other brands like Cheap Mondays and Other Stories. 
I said to V, it was such a good idea. 

Give your child a portion of resources within an existing business, contacts and funds, so he or she can develop something with less risk, more passion and ownership. 

V smiled and he said to me that he had already thought about this for Aru. 
When it comes to wealth and family, I think there are many interesting ways we can leave more behind for the generations to follow and for them at the present moment.

Instead of giving me cash every year for my birthday, my mother-in-law buys gold and keeps it for me. Its not that I don’t have a choice, its simply that I don’t really want anything and she would like to gift me something. One day, I might need it and hey presto! It’ll be worth more than the purchase price.

Instead of wedding gifts from parents, its common to get assistance for a house deposit.

Instead of getting gifts from family and friends, children will often get cash in an envelope. The parents can choose to put this aside or spend it on the needful. Sometimes presents can be so hit and miss. 

When Aru was born, V purchased shares and opened up an account in his name (months later, but it has happened!). 

I’ve spoken to friends lately, who are renting with kids, renting with friends, hoping to buy. I think the first hunk of savings is always the hardest. I said to V, if we didn’t have deposit money support when we got our apartment, we may never have managed to buy. It was a lot of money (it still is) and to create that mountain feels unfathomable. 

I think wealth in this instance,is a generational thing. It’s not expected. But it does make a difference.