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There is always a reason 

As to why she won’t tell you what’s going on.

As to why he spoke so rudely to you.

As to why he was naughty that day.

As to why he couldn’t catch up with you.

As to why you didn’t get that invite.

As to why he didn’t reply to your message.

As to why she can’t talk about those specific things.

As to why she was a cow to you.

As to why he did what he did and she did what she did.

And it’s not your role to try to understand why, but it will turn your life around if you try.

Then for once, it won’t be about you.
You’ll seem them struggling with their own dramas, their own light and their own darkness and all those things that you shine back on them.

And that will let you feel so much lighter. Just knowing.

I promise.


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Dear Aru (Feb 2016)

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