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The thing about babies.

I always used to worry about how we’d afford a child.
As entrepreneurs, we’re the last people to have a steady income and we never know if the money in the kitty is enough to ride out the storm when it comes.
There is so much unknown.

My mum always said to me, “children bring their own wealth”.
She was right.

When Aru came, he got us a home loan approval, sold the business we’d been trying to sell for one and a half years and brought in one of my best clients of all time – the biggest deal ever.

Life didn’t get easier. There were still bills to pay and a ever looming, larger mortgage. But. He opened doors for us to be able to manage it.

He certainly came with his own wealth.

For the longest time, money problems stopped me from considering a child.
I wish I’d trusted in Aru a bit sooner.



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The Guilt


It’s ok. 


  1. Sneha

    I really like this post… Because it’s so true.. Children do come with their own wealth. Will definitely use this saying!:)) beautiful

    • karishma

      Thank you 🙂 It’s helped me a lot, and to have confidence for No.2 if and when the time comes 🙂

  2. A) You know I LOVE your posts. Right? 🙂

    B) I do (partially) agree with your post and its sentiments, which I translate to mean – everyone comes with their own destiny. Sometimes kids comes with their own wealth … but sometimes they don’t. And there are a lot of people who have kids without having a means to support them. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but it have seen that to be true in a number of cases. 🙂

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    • karishma

      I love how you had to write A.) first 🙂
      Yes, totally know where you’re coming from. Sometimes, I’m wrapped up in a bubble of positive thinking and really believing it will work out – that it’s hard for me to see others who aren’t getting the same energy and the same outcomes for some reason or another. Thank you Tanvi for tapping me on the shoulder for this one. xxx hugs for you darling. xx

  3. Anu Ravindran

    Hi Kish I have been reading your posts whenever I see them pop up. I love everything you write.
    The energy of abundance is an incredible one and I think this posts helps women to remember that even with babies we can tap into that. Love your work and thank you. I have saved this one as s reminder of both personal power and the beautiful energy that children bring in everything abundant not just wealth. ️xx

    • karishma

      Thanks so much Anu! So touched, made my day 🙂 We’ve found if we try and control less + trust a little more, we end up further than we thought we’d ever go 🙂 xx Hope it helps my friend.

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