My friend’s home got damaged after the storm. 

Her fridge was bung and I told her to get onto Airtasker to find someone to fix it. 

Her wifi was behind the fridge. 

It too was bung. 

She lives alone. 

To find a man. 

To move a fridge. 
I don’t miss my past – it hasn’t ever been in my nature. 

But in that moment, I became grateful for my present. 
I often long for silence. 

But today, I’m glad for the husband who wakes me up. 

I am glad for the little boy who does the same. 

I am glad for the hallway filled with movement.

I am glad for the nanny who lives with us and reminds me to take my pills. 

I don’t see her as a nanny, I see her simply as Barby. 
These people in their own ways, run their own rivers, that sometimes obstruct and sometimes change the course entirely of my river. 

It is compromise on somedays and laughter on others. 

I’m learning now, to live among many is a real skill. 

It pushes your ability to be honest, firm and simply happy. 

It asks you – whom are you blaming for your unhappiness? 

It makes you learn more about yourself, the currents that flow deep and the rocks beneath your still waters. 
I realise now. 

Motherhood is equal opposite. 

Marriage is equal opposite. 

Being single is equal opposite.

Working for someone is equal opposite. 

Being the boss is equal opposite.

All bring you just as much joy as they do pain. 
You simply decide the intensity and your attitude.