V and Kaylene have been explaining this concept to me for quite sometime now. 

To make this easier to read, let’s imagine, Annie is really pissing me off. 

She’s done something nasty today and I’m pretty mad. 

V uses the analogy of a river. 

He says, imagine Annie is in the river. 

Stuck in her confusion and turmoil. 

Her own river. 
Imagine yourself. 

Outside of the river. 

Just observing Annie in the river. 
What’s happening, is that you’re getting into the river, getting splashed by Annie and then getting hurt or upset everytime Annie does something. 

But what if, instead of going into Annie’s river, you’re watching her from afar instead. 

Observing her. 
Kaylene has said the same thing to me. 

She said it simply. 

To observe. 

With no judgement. 

Judgement bring attachment. 

Attachment brings pain. 
Back to Annie. 

Now that I’m in observation mode, I can see Annie. 


This seems to happen to her time and time again in her life. 

It’s all in her mind and in her confusion, ego and anger, she does things again and again. 

Stuck in the same circle. 

Given that I’m Karishma on the edge of the river. 

I can use these observations. 

To make better decisions for me. 

That suit my needs. 
And with that. 

I’m no longer angry at Annie. 
I know this one might be hard to digest, I feel like I’m only just getting it now. 

But I hope maybe it sparks a start. 

It takes away the hate, the hurt, the anger you might be feeling. 

It helps you disconnect, assess and eliminate the unnecessary. 
So that your life is a little more harmonious each and every day. 
Your little guru, tee hee hee,