A friend of mine recently told me entrepreneurs are trending at the moment. I’m not surprised. We always seem to get people asking us our opinion.

I think it’s safe to say we can all assume the good bits; freedom, sometimes extra money, freedom and autonomy and freedom again.

But the realities? Here is what a lot of entrepreneurs won’t go telling you.

  • Somedays you just don’t know if the money will come. It’s like being at the edge of a cliff and hoping for the best. Sounds dark, but it’s hella true. If you’re planning on this, find something that gives you hope. Gives you faith. Because trust me. It’ll help.
  • You see relationships in a whole new light. Sometimes it’s a dark light. One of my biggest struggles is simply accepting that I can’t always be “cool and fun” with staff. There is a line I need to draw that will protect them and me. It means I feel like a b-i-a-t-c-h if I have to tell them off or even worse, change their terms of employment. No matter how many times you do it, it still hurts. With the honour of being able to hire someone, comes the humbling experience of having to let someone go.
  • At the start,  I was so very hungry for business. I think I looked to friendships and hoped for them to evolve into business. That hunger wasn’t so good. Business certainly teaches you about people. Those who would like to support you and give you a boost vs. those who don’t really think about things the way you do. Now I’ve learnt. It will come if it’s meant to be. If this is the only thing you walk away with from this post – I’ll be glad it was this. It will come if it’s meant to be.
  • Friends whom you love can become clients you abhor. Suddenly for you, money is time. You no longer have time to waste. That definitely changes a friendship. My two cents? Go into it knowing this. Now when I work for my friends, I have a really clear structure for them. Or, I’m just super generous and accept the outcome.
  • Great freedom comes with great decisions. Too many decisions. Insurance. Bills. Staffing. Rent. Cleaning. Meetings. To Pay or Not To Pay. Arguments. Resolving them. Is this really worth the expense? Risk involved? A whole pile of decisions – that you might wish someone else could make.
  • If your dream job is making art, apply for an artists role, or freelance as an artist. Running a business filled with artists isn’t the same thing. Have that clarity. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re not a graphic designer (well you might be 10% of the time, but thats about it).
  • It’s a long term game. The passion dies out after about 2 years. After that you’ve got to fuel it with fresh ideas, renewed passion and genuine something or rather. What you love now, will change really fast tomorrow.
  • If you see the money early (which happened to us). Run. Work harder, because often, that money isn’t a true long term indicator.


There are two sides. If what you’re looking for is a job change, then you don’t really want to run a business. You might simply want a job change. Be clear about that.