A long time ago, I was in a co-ed high school.  There was a big marathon type race coming up.  I’m the slowest runner you’ve ever known.  I’ve never run a 100 dash and come anything further than last.  I can’t explain it. 

 Anyways, so I’m in this co-ed school.  Hottie guy is a year ahead of me.  I don’t want him to see me getting smashed at the marathon.  Because me and my friend had come last at the trials a couple of months earlier.  So I start training.  

Everyday at around 5am, I get my Walkman, tune into FM 96 and I walk. Then I run for 2 seconds. Get puffed up. And walk.  This goes on for a few months and my running capacity improves.  

Come marathon day, I’m so excited because I know I can’t be last.  My friend and I start.  Then at some point, I realised I can keep going and she needs to pause.  I break it to her.  And I find that call, a hard call to take.  She’s such a good friend to me.  Was this our thing? Running together, albeit last?  But I let her know that I need to go on.  She understands.  And I go on.  

Not to win, but not to be last either.  


Life feels like this sometimes.  Making a call and moving on.  If people opt to stay a part of your journey, all good.  If they don’t, all good.  My friend has been in my life for over 15 years now.  She opted to stay.  I think you’ve got to make the call.  And let go.  

Because those who love you the right way, will stick around.  And it’s ok.  Xx K