So I recently read this post by Constance Hall – and I was touched / moved / emotionally charged.

I’m the mum who packs Aru off to daycare (started this year!).

I’m the mum who leaves him with a nanny.

I’m the mum who lets him eat sugar and corn chips and a fair bit of packet food.

I’m the mum who lies on the kitchen floor, not really crying, but curiously enough, not really caring.

I’m the mum who hears him in the night and prays he puts himself back to sleep, because I sure as hell ain’t getting up.

I’m also the mum who never puts his “5 point safety harness” on when he’s in the high chair. WWII is just not compulsory at ours.

I’m also the mum who forgets the wide brimmed hat (caps look way cooler).

I’m the mum who’s toddler went running for the tram.

Yep, that mum.
But I’m also the one who did birthing classes.

Does counselling.

Does the whole awareness parenting thing (to a degree).

And tries to make fresh when I can.


Takes a 3 day stay away from Aru.
And I will prescribe it too. I want you to do it. Because it keeps me sane and I’m guessing it might work for you too. 

But I know, it might not, or maybe now isn’t the right time. 

And I know everytime that I mention it, it might make you roll your eyes. 

But I can’t help myself. 
So when I read the post, I felt like the self righteous bitch of a mum.

I’m a leo, apparently it’s a locked in trait.

But I don’t want to be that woman.

So I’m sorry for all the times. I’ll be more aware. Promise.