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The Friend List

After a recent appalling experience with a friend, V and I were wondering how we had got him/ her so wrong. 

Where in our judgement had we failed. 

And so. We made a list over lunch today. 

And you’re gonna laugh (or use it), but hopefully, it’ll be gold in your back pocket. 

Friends worth being friends with 

  1. Are totally cool if you’re running a little late, or need to change plans. 
  2. Won’t offer something and then retract from the offer. 
  3. Are positively guided for you. This might sound like a random one, but watch what people say when you say, “I got a new job!” Or “Check out our new couch!”. The silence will speak volumes.
  4. Will never say, “I knew it wouldn’t work”. Instead, they’ll mention it earlier, ask questions and bounce things. Rather than waiting for you to fail. 
  5. They don’t bitch about their own friends, or get fascinated with the dark, sorrowful tales of others. 
  6. Will either offer to pay the bill, or always get their own. Every now and then a trade is ok, but not always. 
  7. Feel good in your gut. Trust that gut. 

// Keep your list on your fridge. You’d be surprised how quickly we let people into our lives without a thorough background check! 


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The Victim




  1. Zainab

    Excellent post

  2. Hence, I have no friends! 😀 Kidding. Great post!

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