I learnt not so long ago, that it is up to me to pamper myself. To give time to myself. To prioritise myself.

For me, that can look like a night away with ZEE TV, a hot shower and white hotel sheets.

Some days it looks like a walk around the block and a pain au chocolat.

Other days it could be cooking for no one and settling down for the night with a bowl of sweet corn soup.

Whatever that combination is, it always comes with a level of guilt.

But life has taught me two things (in this area):

1. Don’t wait for someone’s permission to love yourself. You know what to do and how to make it happen the way you like it best (chances are, V would treat with me a chai latte when I really, really want the croissant).


2. What you think is naughty and you’re undeserving of, actually makes you the best version of yourself. You’re warmer and more loving to others around you because you did yourself the decency of loving yourself first. So tell the guilt to stick it.
So…. Are you feeling like you need a pick me up? Make it happen. You know how and you need no ones permission.