Often when I hang out with my sisters, I think I want them to know I’m ok. 
I’ve got a good head on my shoulders and I am smarter than my jokes make me out to be. 

Sometimes I share things, but often in past tense. 

I want to put up a front and show them that I can handle this shit. 
But last week. 

I fell apart. 
And you know what. 

Once again, I was a child again. 

Falling over, making a hole in my jeans and she was there to pick me up. 

Having no friends at school and she had to walk alongside me home. 

Not knowing what periods were and her explaining it all to me. 

All over again, she was letting me have the last piece of chocolate.

Simply because, she’s my older sister.  
And it felt so nice. 

To feel that kind of love. 
It’s like, because we’re all grown up, we tell ourselves we don’t need it. 

We don’t need to be vulnerable. 
But when we are, 

With the right people, 

It is the most comforting feeling in the world.