My mother-in-law has a list of numbers she calls every day. Her sons.

Her daughter-in-laws. 

Her sisters. 

Her parents. 

Her sister-in-laws. 
She’ll dial each one and if they don’t pick up, she’ll continue down the list. 

We all joke about it. 
Initially, I found the persistent calling too much. 

But after avoiding calls for a week or so, I would always feel like taking the call and chatting, even if it was just for a bit. Call it guilt. Call it connection. I don’t know. 
But what I’ve found is simply this. 

Through the rough times and the good times, she’ll always dial. 

We may not talk about things, we may talk about them in time. 

Some days it’s just the cursory conversation. 

Other days, I’ll find I have much more to tell her. 
You come to this point where you simply accept her. 

She simply accepts you. 
All it takes her, is a daily dial.