Sorry seems to be a thing we’ve come to expect. 

A formal apology which makes things right. 

Makes you feel better. 

Like everything is back to normal. 
So when the Australian government apologised to the Aboriginal people, it meant something. 

If Prince Charles had apologised to Diana, it would have meant something. 

If your mother-in-law said sorry to you for the years past, it would mean something. 

If your boyfriend had said sorry for messing up your birthday, it would mean something. 

If your boss had said sorry for his behaviour, it would mean something. 
But bear with me. 

What if the sorry was something they were told to say to make it all better. But it didn’t really mean anything to them? 
I don’t think you should wait for people to say sorry. 

You should wait for them to go through enough life experience so that they actually feel sorry. They feel it in their insides. 

Simply because. 

Now. They. Know. 
Then no amount of preaching or words will make a difference. Because the true feels have sunken in. 

So just wait. 

The time will come. 

And they may not find the words or the shed the ego to say the words. 

But just know, that deep inside, the feels are there.