I was having one of those nights where you keep browsing via the search function on Instagram. Haven’t done it yet? You should try it! Or not.
I found myself browsing profile after profile. 

I found these two cool sisters in India with so much swag. 

It hurt. 
And then I was wondering why my profile wasn’t as popular. 

Why my images didn’t garner the same numbers. 

My hearts just weren’t enough. 
I started sharing this with V and as I heard myself out loud, I realised just how idiotic it sounded. 
Perhaps these people have more time in a day to perfect an image. 

Perhaps they have time to collate an outfit. 

Perhaps they’ve been on it for years. 

Perhaps they collaborate with other brands. 

Perhaps it’s a primary source of revenue for their business so they focus on it. 

Perhaps they focus on the whole physical image thing. 
Perhaps Instagram likes aren’t all they’re cut out to be.