So we’ve had about 2 weeks of sick Aru and a week of sick Vivek. 
I’m not much of a nurse on an average day, so you can imagine what 2 weeks of nursing has made of me. 
I didn’t want to put Aru in daycare with his nose endlessly running and a routine that wouldn’t fit in his extra nap needs. 
So. It’s been mostly Aru and I for the last fortnight. 

I’ve watched my thoughts go from being tolerant, to so-very-over-it-I-could-smack-you-right-now. 
Thankfully, we are just about out of the woods, fingers crossed. 
The universe has been so kind, given me the extra patience, a handful of gaps, extra naps as Aru takes extra sleeps and most invaluable, a healthy body to be able to handle it all. 
But I’m not kidding. There was a moment there when I imagined myself slapping the poor whining bubba. In his cute red merino pyjamas and all. It’s hard even to believe that someone so little and mostly so adorable can incite such a harsh, cruel emotion. 
I don’t know how mums do it everyday, I’ve noticed when I get enough time away from Aru, I don’t have these thoughts. 
So my point is… 
Time away from him, 

Is keeping me happy, 

And him alive and safe from my potentially explosive temper 🙂