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For the longest time, I thought my sweetness was the best tool I had in my kit. 

I was so soft. 

So sweet. 

So sugary. 

I didn’t even know where they kept the chilli when they made me. 
Then shit happened and I found my tikka masala. 

So for a while, I went from one extreme to the other. 

From loving to hating. 

From compliments to curses (behind your back of course). 
But there is a nice in between territory. 

For women like us. 

Who want to be firm and want to be sweet.

The sweetness makes us feel weak, unheard, voiceless. 

But the firm. 

Is a gentle, “Don’t mess with me”. 
People don’t show up late to my meetings, when they do, they apologise. 

People know not to try and overcharge me. 

People know I mean what I’m saying. 
I stopped being afraid to say, “Why didn’t this happen?”. 

I started saying, “Are you aware that this is overdue?”. 

I started saying, “Hahahaha. No, that just won’t happen”. 

I started saying, “That is outside of my scope”. 

I don’t think I’ll be able to manage that. 

That could work for you, but I’d like to know how I fit in. 

Etc Etc. 
Firm is the nice in between. 

From sugar to spice,

It’s the boundary before you hit the fan. 


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  1. I was never (perceived) soft, sweet or sugar, but I sure tried to be that because I was always hard, honest and harsh. I still struggle to find a middle ground.

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