When do we stop? 
I had a friend of mine tell me how she firmly believes in medical sciences and her son believes in homeotherapy type stuff. Her son has spent a lifetime hoping he can convince his mum to think the other way. 

She was wondering why. 

I instantly said, “Because your approval makes him feel right.” 

And being “right” is all that matters. 
And I realised. 

I’m not so different. 
I live a wildly different life to my own parents. 

But in all my little ways, I’m subconsciously seeking their approval. 
Look at me – my house is tidy enough isn’t it? 

Look at me – my marriage is peaceful enough isn’t it? 

Look at me – I married the right guy and made the right choice after all didn’t I? 

Look at me – my son is growing up to be well behaved just like we were? 

Look at me. 

Look at me. 

Look at me. 
And you realise. 

You’re seeking an approval you may never find. 

Because perhaps the words were lost. 

Perhaps they were never literally said. 
But it is a approval you will never find. 

In it’s entirety. 
Because the universe is teaching you. 
That it is enough. 

To approve yourself. 

Your conscience is the ultimate approval.