Last night, we went out to dinner.
To an Indian restaurant.
The waiter had Australian training.
He recommended the dahl makhani with the shahi paneer as opposed to the palak paneer.
He recommended Pinot for me and Merlot for Vivek.

This is new.
It felt a bit like going to your usual cheap eats and getting a 4 star service.
You just don’t see it coming.

But then, I looked around.
When he did the same for other guests, their eyes were wide with wonder.
They were listening and they wanted to know how the raita would work with the paneer tikka.

And I realised.

I wasted a lot of my early career days thinking that what I had to say wasn’t going to amount to much.

My opinion wasn’t worth it – these guys had a higher pay packet, suits and miles more experience.

If only I hadn’t been such an idiot.
I would have been like that 24 year old earning $100K.

All it took was believing it myself.

For every woman out there who sits at the table silent.
Who tells herself she doesn’t have the experience.
Who doesn’t give an honest opinion when she’s asked to be critical.
To every woman who holds back from asking for that promotion.
For the one who gets knocked back and doesn’t use that as an opportunity to find a better open door.
To the woman who forgets to invoice.
Yes that woman.
And to the woman who doesn’t charge a deposit.
For the women who don’t push their weight for a better maternity package.
And for the ones who feel that there is no other choice.

Try to trust your worth.
Be it for the extra $10 or for the extra $10K.
Start with the small steps and take the risks.

For only then, does a waiter stop being a waiter.
Only then does he give someone the vision that he’s probably ready to step up to General Manager.

We need to do the same.
Start being the vision.