It seems, we’re all about the build up. 
About the Christenings, the first birthdays, the NYE party, the weddings, the births, the deaths, the vacays and the starts. 

And we do a lot for the starts. 

Prenatal classes, pent up savings to be burst for weddings, relatives unheard of prior are contacted for the funeral and endless excel sheets for the travel plans. 

A lot for the starts. 

But in between, 

From the day the vacation ends and the next one starts, 

From the burgeoning birth of a child to the day he is only interested in the icing on the cake, 

From the reception after party of booze and epic dance tracks to the 3 months in post honeymoon days… 
From the end point to the next start point

Is life itself. 
We keep holding out for the next due date of something more amazing than today. 
And I wonder. 

If we realised, we were living in the 10% of our lives. 

Not the 90%.