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I met a woman who said today – when she was a full time mum, she felt like no one wanted her opinion. She felt like she’d do everything, she was always there. Picking up the kids, cooking the dinner, cleaning the soiled mats, wiping the splashes, cuddling for the tears. All.

But no one wanted to hear what she had to say.

Today if I ask my mum, “should we go to Mont Pellier or Budapest?”
Chances are, she won’t have an opinion. What we want is what she wants.

What happened?

Somewhere between not being heard, not being asked was it lost?
Did those mums forget their voice?
Forget to know their inner soul sounds?

Did we bulldoze them with our childhood?
When they had the answers to everything?

If we did. If they did.

Then my darling friend, how do we help then find their “opinions” again?
Help them voice their desires and find value in their opinions,
however meek and timid as they find their voices again.



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  1. You have beautifully expressed it Karishma, thank you for sharing.
    I can very much relate this to myself.

    Thank you once again.

    • karishma

      🙂 So many hugs for you. I hope you’re getting your opinion out there 🙂 xx

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