I caught up with a friend the other day and she taught me something super interesting. 

I was telling her about how I’m often not honest with people if I don’t feel they’ll take it the right way, or if I’d frankly just rather offer an excuse for something. 

Somedays I feel bad about it, but mostly, I just let the feeling pass. 

What she said blew me away. 

She said she reserves her truest, most honest self for the relationships she values the most. 

Closest friends and closest family. For those who are in the right frame to receive the honesty. 

And you know what. I think there is something to it. 

I’m finding myself becoming more and more honest with my sisters, as they readily receive what I have to say to them and I try to be just as receptive back. 

But I accept that not all relationships are like this, ready for the frank, occasionally critical nature of honesty. 

Why not reserve the truth for those you love the most?