V and I often discuss what it means to give and what it means to take. 

In the past, we’ve given staff extra, or assisted people who might have migrated or paid for education when we can. And we’ll often boil it down to the question, “but why?”. 

We truly acknowledge that it is done to ultimately feel good about ourselves. 

By the way, I should probably also mention that we believe that everything boils down to two things; love and fear. 

So every decision you make is either driven by love or by fear. 

And every emotion you feel is ultimately derived from love or fear. 

Probably a theory that needs a couple of blog posts dedicated to it… 

But nevertheless. 

So when we do something in a “giving” mode, we’ll often acknowledge that our underlying purpose is to actually feel good. From the refugees in Syria, to the men with cans standing at the Kings Way lights. It feels good to give. Selfish in its own giving way. And this isn’t me being negative, this is simply me boiling it down to where the feels actually lie. 

And in this way, I feel like we can hope to lose some of the ego that comes with giving. 

And accept, that whilst it is beneficial to the receiver, it is also just as beneficial to us and our emotional state of mind. 

It gives relief and good vibes.