So I found these gorgeous maroon leather kicks in NY.
And a black Maison Kitsune sweater.
Then I bought this tan leather bucket bag by Leowe in San Francisco.

I came home.
One morning, I rocked an ensemble.
The casual mum swag.

Blue jeans.
Maroon kicks.
Black sweater.
Tan bag.

And I realised.

I did it to be liked.
To be admired.
Cool mum.
Mum swag.

That jazz.

And I talked to V about it today.
And I realised.

For women I don’t know?
For someone who is going to judge me upon this?
For someone who has no idea of who I really am?

Who doesn’t feel good enough about me?
That I need these things to make you tell me I’m good enough?

And I realised.

What those things really told me about me.
That to me.
For now anyways.
I’m not enough.